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Test Finger Tips

These finger tips have a hardness similiar to the hardness of a human finger. The average is 45 shore with the following different mechanical sizes.


ZK1     M : M3     r : 25     O : 9mm    U : 10mm  $7.95 each

ZK2     M : M2     r : 25     O : 5mm     U : 6mm  $7.95 each

Available also in 5/40 thread

Thes cylinders are fitted with rubber finger tips to avoid damage to the test object.


 Single action cylinder   $24.95 each
Piston diameter: 8.0mm   Max. diameter: 10.0mm   Length: 52.5mm  Stroke 12.5mm  Force @ 87psi: 24N

  Single action cylinder   $24.95 each

Piston diameter: 5.0mm   Max. diameter: 8.0mm   Length: 45.5mm  Stroke 10.5mm  Force @ 87psi: 11N

  Single action cylinder   $24.95 each

Piston diameter: 4.0mm   Max. diameter: 5.5mm   Length: 49.0mm  Stroke 10.0mm  Force @ 87psi: 4.7N

All  cylinders Include finger tip and bracket for frame

ITF Modules availabe include KS-IEC, PSA8, PS, SVC & more

Call Mike : 770-883-7135       Email:

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